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From ear lobes to full on cartilage styling, we are here with expert help from first time piercing to complete ear curations. Visit us in Central London (Hackney) or East London (Carnaby) to chat with our experienced and passionate associates about our piercing processes or which earrings and body jewellery to buy online and in-store. You can always call us before you visit or drop us a message and we’ll happily talk you through anything.

This month, our spotlight is on Tragus earrings, piercing and latest ear stacking ideas. When you purchase any piece from our Metal Morphosis collection, you do so with full confidence of the superior quality of our jewellery. 

Tragus Ear Curation - Stacking Earrings and Percing Information

The ear cartilage (the thick piece of flesh that forms the outside of the ear canal) has several areas all with different names. The tragus of the ear cartilage is a protective cover of the opening of the ear, safeguarding the little tube leading into the eardrum and other organs.

London Ear Piercing Tragus Cartilage Central Soho Ears Pierced Carnaby Hackney Earrings

Ear curation the way you prefer with Metal Morphosis

We are an established family business and original rebels since 1991 which means we are over 30 years old! We feel proud of both of our unique and immaculately hygienic piercing studios based in Central and East London. Our range of body jewellery and earrings are:

Hypo allergenic - Made from 316L surgical stainless steel or titanium. The same metal used for surgical equipment, meaning no allergic reactions will ever take place with our jewellery. We also sell gold and .925 sterling silver earrings and body bars. Unlike commonly, purchased high street or costume jewellery, ours won’t ever rust, discolour or stain your skin.

Tragus Earrings, Bars, Clicker Hoops, Seam Rings and Labrets

We feel that the tragus is a very popular area for piercing with our clients, the small piece of cartilage on the inner side of your ear. As this is close to your face, it can have a real impact on your overall look and, once healed, can be changed to suit.

Products that are suitable for tragus piercings include: Jewelled clickers, beaded seam rings, a trio of crystals in silver, gold and titanium, also solid gold stud and clicker rings. There’s screw on balls and different styles of seam rings in a variety of metals to suit all tastes. We stock a selection of labrets and on occasion we offer a £10 mystery bag of labrets with limited availability - so be quick and buy in store as they are not available online.

Wearing perfumes, creams and make up will not effect our hypo allergenic jewellery, also they are swim safe, water and sweat proof; our metals will never fade or tarnish in the shower, swimming pool, the ocean or whilst exercising.

Clicker Earrings and Closing Mechanisms are Superior Quality

We’re committed to only stocking the finest quality jewellery with the highest grade metals. Our mechanisms and clickers are easy to use and made to last a life time, coupled with low to zero maintenance or upkeep is required but the occasional titanium and/or surgical stainless steel polishing is a personal choice

As the longest-running piercing studio in London, all of our staff are highly trained professional piercers. Whether you are a junior (ages 8 to 16) looking for a child's first ear piercing, to a microdermal or professional body piercing, we offer practical, free advice on 0207 729 9202 and in both of our stores in Carnaby (near Soho) and Hackney.

Ear Curation and Cartilage Piercings

There’s so many exciting ways to curate your ears these days and the trend is everywhere. It’s hard to resist the urge to stack and style your ears until there’s zero blank space. Where do you start? There’s so many options, so much jewellery to choose from. Chill, our in house ear stylists are bursting with tips to help you style your perfect stack.

London Cartilage Piercing Positioning and Advice

Whether it’s a single Helix piercing to a loaded stack we work with you to create the exact look you’ll love. We can advise on types of jewellery, the positioning of your piercing and how future piercings may look with your existing ones. We’re experts in cartilage piercing and ear styling. We’ve listed a few of the most popular cartilage piercings but remember, they may not be suitable for everyone so always get a professional opinion (us) before setting your heart on something.

Helix Piercing

Helix piercings are at the top, outer part of the ear and typically will have a hoop or stud after piercing. This type of piercing has been in many a rebel’s look book for years now and remains a popular starting point for multiple ear piercings.

Conch Piercing

The conch piercing's name comes from the fact that this part of the ear resembles a conch shell, the piercing goes through this cup-shaped area, adjacent to the ear canal. Depending on the exact location of your conch piercing, inner or outer etc will determine the type of jewellery you can wear in it.

Daith Piercing

Daith piercings are located in the innermost fold of your ear cartilage, just slightly above your ear canal. Not only are these piercings ridiculously cute, they’re thought to help relieve migraines by activating a pressure point located on the ear.

Forward Helix Piercing

The forward helix is the small outer rim of cartilage at the top, front of your ear and is directly opposite your helix. You can even have multiple forward helix piercings to really ramp up your look. Small studs are typically best for this area.

Rook Piercing

A rook piercing is through the inner edge of the uppermost ridge of the ear, just above the daith. One of the more modern piercings, this is a super versatile piercing. Because this area is fairly narrow, delicate and small jewellery is best but that doesn’t mean it won’t look stunning.

Visit us in Hackney and Carnaby to chat with our experienced and devoted team, we encourage you to ask all questions freely. You will be able to browse and buy exquisite body jewellery - or buy online right now. All of our jewellery pieces come with the advantage of FREE UK DELIVERY on all orders over £70.

Ear Lobe Piercing London - Needles not Guns

London Ear Piercing Cartilage Tragus Labret Earrings Body Jewellery CONCH DAITH ROOK HELIX

We are not just about stacking as many piercings as physically possible, we also think less can be more. Sometimes a simple lobe piercing (or 2) can look phenomenal with the right jewellery.

Our lobe piercing is also only ever done with a needle. One reason for this is that you cannot sterilise the mechanism.

The spring firing mechanism can often be inaccurate and causes more pain and trauma to the skin.

Coming from a medical background, we use high quality, hypoallergenic sterile jewellery designed to leave enough room for the initial swelling and aftercare cleaning.

Central London Piercing Carnaby Street


East London Piercing Hackney


Available in both locations: Junior/Kids Ear Piercing for Children - All rebels start somewhere and we know how important this milestone is. We all remember our first ever piercing and we believe that your child should remember it for all the right reasons. We provide a safe, clean, stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

As piercing experts (did we mention we’re the longest-running studio in London?) Our staff are the most highly trained and professional you could wish to find. We know it can be daunting to get your first piercing, well any piercing, and that’s why our piercers take the time to talk you through placement, sterilisation techniques, jewellery and aftercare with you.

We’ve completed tens of thousands of first piercings and we know how to look after our customers.

Body Piercing London - From Mouth to Naval, Nipples to Genitals

Feeling rebellious? Head to our Soho store and meet our body piercers. Whether you fancy a belly piercing (which are hot again by the way) As well as giving you the perfect ear styling we can also make your mouth stunning with our oral piercings, beautify your body with nipple, navel and surface piercings and adorn your more intimate areas with our genital piercing. We also provide micro dermal piercing.

We offer it all at Metal Morphosis, we are one of only three licenced intimate piercing studios in London.

Regardless of what you’re having pierced or why our piercers are all highly qualified and experienced. We have quite the reputation of being a leader in the piercing industry. Want to check out that claim? Read some of our press coverage in the likes of Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, whether you’re a junior (ages 8 to 16)
looking for a child's first earlobe piercing, to a microdermal or professional body piercing, we offer practical, free advice on 0207 729 9202 and in both of our stores.