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As one of the most trusted names in Piercing and Tattoo, we are regularly featured in the press and on fashion Blogs and Vlogs. Check out some of the articles we are featured in here. If you’re a member of the press or if you’re interested in working with us, get in touch.

Nipple piercing pain and benefits - what you need to know:

Nipple play alone can end in an intense orgasm (yes, nipple orgasms exist), and this is more likely to happen if you have them pierced. Expert piercer Clem, who works in Topshop Oxford Street's in-house shop Metal Morphosis says these are the things you need to consider ...


JUN 14, 2019

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Everything you need to know about vulva piercings:

Normally, intimate piercings are done by appointment. Your piercer (you should be able to specify if you have a gender preference) will have a consultation with you to find out exactly what you want and what you expect from it ...


JAN 11, 2019

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Clit piercing healing process, pain, (sexual) benefits:

The best place to clean a genital piercing is in the shower. Sitting in a bath tub could introduce bacteria or harsh soaps to your genital area, causing irritation or infection. Don't allow your piercing to come in contact with any bodily fluids for the first few weeks ....


JAN 09, 2019

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Why we're all falling for multiple ear-piercings:

At Metal Morphosis in Topshop Oxford Circus, Kevin Lamb and his team see up to 60 people per day, ranging in age from 17 to 60; and even Bond Street’s Fenwick, the classic department store for ladies who lunch, now has a Metal Morphosis piercing outpost ...


DEC 06, 2015

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Why I waited until my forties to get my ears pierced:

I sat down and had three holes punched into two lobes (one on the left, two on the right) by Kevin from Metal Morphosis. It hurt a smidgen and my six-year-old daughter cried when she saw what I'd done, but I'm afraid I'm not taking them out now, for her or anyone ...


MARCH 20, 2015

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Why Septum Piercings Are Trending (And There's No Age Cap):

While pro piercer Clem from Topshop Beauty Hall's Metalmorphosis piercing studio tells me the age of customers requesting facial piercings is also on the rise: "the numbers of various ear piercings and facial piercings performed on customers in their 30s and 40s have risen ...


AUG 10, 2015

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