Sustainability is incredibly important to us. Over the coming year, we will aim to increase our already advanced sustainability efforts in the areas of operations and packaging.  

We may be rebels, but our rebellious nature doesn’t stop us from caring about the environment. We wanted our pieces to be made from quality materials, but we also wanted those materials to be recyclable.


The majority of our pieces are made from surgical steel (a type of stainless steel).  Something that may surprise you is that the stainless steel industry is one of the most environmentally friendly within the whole jewellery industry. Not to mention the fact that steel is THE most recycled material in the world. Why? Because stainless steel is 100% recyclable, it limits the need for stainless steel production. Talk about sustainable steel, eh? 

Titanium is a pretty cool metal - I mean why do you think we use it for so many of our pieces? In addition to being an eco metal and 100% recyclable, it's also toxin-free, meaning our jewellery is kind to the environment and kind to your body. 

Most people don’t know that gold is one of the most recycled materials, and NEVER goes to landfill. So, in addition to its kick-ass strength and sexiness, it’s also eco-friendly. You’re welcome! Something else that is pretty cool about our jewellery is that we have selected materials that LAST. You won’t have to worry about it bending, fading or tarnishing - our products are made from tougher stuff than that - just look at where they came from! 

And we don’t stop there! 

To be more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly, we installed 104kW of Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on our factory roofs. We have an estimated annual output of 148.000kWh and will reduce our yearly CO2 emissions by approx. 80.000kg. So, you might be thinking: “What does this all mean?” Well, this means that we will be able to generate about 20% of our electricity using renewable energy. Pretty cool stuff right?

Our factory was awarded a certificate in the Low Emission Support Scheme (LESS), in 2017. We were awarded this certificate for our sustainability efforts, by participating in greenhouse gas emission reduction by installing solar panels on our factory roof.



You may be thinking: “I’ve never heard about ethical gold - what is it?” Well rebels, ethical gold essentially means that the gold is sourced from artisanal and small scale mining companies. If we get technical for a minute - (just a minute, we promise!) - ethical gold is defined as "gold that is acquired from responsible sources, verified as having met international best practice for environmental and social standards". This means, our gold pieces are not only sexy, but they’re ethical too!  The benefits of using ethical gold also extend to labour rights. All ethical gold is sourced through transparent supply chains, which means good labour conditions, no child labour, gender inequality or unfair pay.


We don’t stop there. All of our packaging is completely recyclable and eco-friendly. This includes our boxes, cotton pouches and print materials