About us


Metal Morphosis have been a trusted name in retail for over 30 years!

We offer the highest quality service and top quality products to the high street.

We are respected, trusted and well-known.
We stand for unafraid self identity, expression and exploration.

Providing the best piercing and ear curation in London, we offer a clean and discreet service making piercing an ever more accessible experience.


To continue to break the boundaries of piercing and accepting everyone for who they are.

Champions of rebels, punks, misfits, mavericks, individuals, originals, icons, outcasts and creatives.

We are a leading UK specialist in body piercing, offering a range of ear, body, facial and oral piercings. 

No matter what you have in mind, we are able to help you. Along with your choice of body piercing, we have carefully and beautifully designed jewellery to suit your style.

We’ve grown from the UK’s first piercing training schools in the early 90’s, expanded into mobile piercing facilities and Europe, and now offer professional piercing services in our Central London piercing shops in Carnaby and Hackney. At Metal Morphosis, experience a professional piercing service like no other.