London Ear Lobe Piercing Studios Hackney Soho Carnaby Street Ears Pierced

London Ear Lobe Piercing Studios Hackney Soho Carnaby Street

Looking to get your ears pierced in central or east London this week? We have two boutique studios and each location features our awesome Metal Morphosis associates who are all happy to answer all of your ear lobe piercing questions.

Both boutique studios offer earrings and body jewellery for sale, or you can buy online! Free UK delivery with £70 spend. We now offer a Loyalty Scheme for a £30 gift voucher

Ears Pierced with Needles not Guns

Ear Lobe Piercing London Ears Pierced Studio Body Belly Button Hackney Soho Carnaby Central East City

We know that a straightforward ear lobe piercing - or two - will turn heads with the right jewellery. Create your look with Metal Morphosis, the original London rebels since 1989.

Ear lobe piercing only ever done with a needle because have found it's tricky to sterilise the mechanism in a pandemic.

Additionally, the spring firing mechanism can often be inaccurate and inflicts extra pain and trauma to your earlobe.

We only use high quality, medical and hypoallergenic sterile jewellery designed to leave just enough room to account for any swelling and aftercare cleansing.

Central London Piercing Carnaby Street

11 Newburgh Street, W1F 7RW
0203 370 6196
WhatsApp: 07534 147331
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm / Sunday: 11am-6pm

East London Piercing Hackney

Unit 4, Peterley Business Centre, 472 Hackney Road, E2 9EQ
0207 729 9202
Opening hours: Tues-Sat: 10:30am-7pm / Closed on Sunday & Monday


London Ear Lobe Piercing and Ear Curations

From ear lobes to full-on cartilage styling, we are here with expert help. Whether it’s a first time piercing to complete ear curations. Visit us in Central London (Hackney) or East London (Carnaby) to chat with our experienced and passionate associates about our piercing processes or which ear lobe earrings and body jewellery to buy online and in-store. 

Earrings and Ears Pierced at a Discount

The Metal Morphosis loyalty scheme where if you spend £20 or more per visit, six times, you gain a £30 gift card to spend in-store so club together with your mates and create a group gift card and take it in turns to buy in either of our two stores in London.

You can always call us before you visit or drop us a message and we’ll happily talk you through anything.

This month, our spotlight is on Ear Lobe piercing, earrings and design ideas. When you purchase any piece from our Metal Morphosis collection, you do so with full confidence in the superior quality of our jewellery.

Ear Lobe Piercing London - Quick Healing Time

Lobe piercings are timeless and remain one of the most popular piercings. They’re the little black dress of piercing. Lobe piercings are probably the least painful as they’re fleshy rather than cartilage which isn’t. They also have the quickest healing time at around 6-12 weeks.

Lobe piercings are the gateway into the world of piercing. Once healed you can wear just about any type of ear jewellery in a first lobe piercing. Once you step beyond this (and, let’s face it, you most likely will) you can add multiple cuffs, studs and hoops to create your perfect stack.

As piercing experts (we’re the longest-running piercing studio in London doncha know), all of our staff are highly trained professional piercers. Whether you are a junior (ages 8 to 16) looking for a child's first ear piercing or dipping your toes into stacking, we offer practical, free advice on 0207 729 9202 and in both of our stores in Carnaby and Hackney.

Ear Lobe Piercing Aftercare and Cleanliness

Aftercare of your new piercing is extremely important. A fresh piercing is susceptible to infection until it’s completely healed and some piercings can be rejected by the body. Your piercing will need some tender loving care for it to heal properly and quickly.

After you've been pierced, we recommend cleaning your piercing with a saline solution twice a day until it is fully healed. You should do this for 4 weeks as well as whenever your piercing is irritated. Metal Morphosis Saline Solution is the perfect wound wash for fresh piercings and maintenance of existing piercings.

Simply spray fresh piercings lightly 2-3 times daily and allow to dry. Keep using until the piercing is fully healed. Use once every 2-3 days to keep healed piercings healthy and clean.


Upper Lobe Ear Piercing London - Suitable for all ages

Upper lobe piercings are just lobe piercings that take place further up on the earlobe. Lobes are the oldest and most popular places for first piercings, with many rebels starting their piercing journey with lobes at a younger age.

The upper lobe is a little bit of a twist on the standard lobe piercing and can be paired well with multiple lobe piercings to curate the perfect stack. There are endless looks you can create with lobe piercings, as its shape and easy access make it very versatile when it comes to what jewellery can be worn.

The Transverse Lobe Piercing London

The transverse lobe piercing is perfect to create a really unique look if you’re not ready to get your cartilage pierced yet. The transverse piercing goes through two piercings on the outer lobe, using one piece of jewellery. It is arranged in such a way that the piercing runs parallel with the ear lobe.

Its position on the ear makes it super versatile, meaning that all kinds of rings and bars can be used. Typically, a straight or curved barbell will be used, but hoops and rings have also become a favoured trend.
Ear Lobe Piercing London Ears Pierced Studio Body Belly Button Hackney Soho Carnaby Central East City