Mystery labret bags - what is a labret piercing and do they hurt?

Labret piercings are becoming more and more popular, so we have decided to bring out some Mystery Labret bags available to buy in our London Piercing branches; Hackney and Carnaby. Read more to find out about them:

What is a labret piercing?

The Labret piercing is a very popular piercing located just below the bottom lip. To summarise a labret piercing is basically a lip stud. With one single puncture, you will have an MM labret piercing, complete with a needle of course. 

Does a labret piercing hurt?

With every piercing, there is always a risk that it might hurt a little, and it can depend on your pain threshold! However, the labret piercing is on the lower scale for pain in terms of lip piercings. The labret is just below the lip, so we pierce the skin around your mouth, not the lip itself; this means it's less painful. 

What is the Labret Healing process?

As piercings go, the labret is known for healing pretty quickly. We usually say around 6-8 weeks for the healing period, but this can depend on the person and how your body deals with piercings! Our piercers will always give you the best advice when you come into any of our MM stores, so you will always be well informed. Just keep an eye on your piercing to make sure it is healing well and you can always come back if you have any worries. When you are first pierced, your piercer will usually fit a larger labret stud, this allows for initial swelling. After the healing period, you will be able to change your piercing into a more creative vibrant stud. 

Some factors to think about when healing:
Be careful with certain foods - Try to stay away from spicy foods - they might be painful if you have just had a labret piercing.
Don’t keep touching your new piercing - Be careful, it’s natural you want to touch your new piercing, but you don’t want to transmit any germs, make sure you always wash your hands and change your pillowcases regularly.
No makeup - Be careful with creams on your face, including moisturiser, face wash, lip balm, makeup and sunscreen. If you are still going to use these products, make sure you leave space around your new piercing - you don’t want to irritate it!
Brush your teeth lots - Of course, you will be brushing your teeth every day but try and brush your teeth after every meal as your oral hygiene is extremely important when healing a labret piercing!

How much is a labret piercing?

In both our London-based Hackney and Carnaby stores, our Labret piercings are £35, including your jewellery!

What are the Mystery Labret bags?

You will get 4 pieces of premium jewellery for only £10! Essentially our Mystery Labret bags are a labret lucky dip! Available in-store at our Carnaby and Hackney London piercing studios. Unfortunately, these are not available online.
Lucky dip
4 labret tops inc bar & back
£10 for each bag
length selection
Hypoallergenic materials
In stores only
Limited Supply

Metal Morphosis Carnaby

Can I buy a Labret Stud online?

Of course! Here are our favourite labret studs which you can order online and straight to your door. 

Add a little something different to your stack! This particular product is an implant grade titanium labret bar with an internally threaded clear crystal cluster. 

Keep it classy with this Crustal Labret in Silver Oval! Our labret bar is designed in surgical steel with internally threaded prong setting holding one oval clear crystal.

One of our favourite statement Labret studs! Implant grade titanium labret bar with an internally threaded multi-jewelled cluster. 

Our favourite celebrities with labret piercings:

So, do you fancy a labret piercing? Book in for yours here