The Beauty and Practicality of Threadless Body Piercing Jewellery

In the world of body piercing, there are so many jewellery options, each offering its own unique blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Among the array of choices, one innovative design has been gaining popularity for its seamless integration and hassle-free wear: threadless body piercing jewellery.

What is Threadless Body Piercing Jewellery?

Modernisation in body jewellery is always working towards ease of installation which is how we have threadless jewellery! Threadless jewellery can be worn in straight labrets, curved barbells and even circular barbells. This gives us lots of different attachment options for pretty much any piercing we’re doing. Please note: threadless ends are not compatible with microdermal piercings, surface piercings and are not advised for tongue piercings.

Threadless body piercing jewellery, as the name suggests, eliminates the need for traditional threaded ends to secure the jewellery in place. Instead, it utilises a simple yet ingenious push-fit system, where the decorative top (often referred to as an "attachment") is inserted into the shaft of the jewellery, creating a secure and snug fit without the need for screws or twisting.Once installed properly threadless jewellery is very secure and can be much easier to change than threaded jewellery if doing it at home yourself. 

The Advantages of Threadless Design

A common problem with threaded jewellery is that it can unscrew itself from the labret especially while cleaning your jewellery as we tend to clean in circle motions with a cotton bud. Threadless jewellery does not have this risk and it takes force to get the attachment off the post so it’s not very common for them to fall out.With threadless jewellery, installation is as simple as inserting the attachment into the shaft, making it a hassle-free option for both wearers and piercers alike.

The tops can be interchanged without having to take the labret out of your piercing. 

It can be quite tricky to install threaded jewellery as you have to get the thread into the labret and screw it in. Whereas threadless jewellery just needs to be clicked into place.

Threadless jewellery offers unparalleled versatility, allowing for easy customization and mix-and-match options. With a wide range of attachments available in various designs, shapes, and materials, wearers can effortlessly switch up their look to suit their mood or style preferences without having to change the entire piece of jewellery.Threadless jewellery also gives more options for nipple piercing jewellery and for bridge piercing jewellery as side facing gems can be clicked into the ends of barbells. 

Comfort and Safety: Made from high-quality materials such as titanium, niobium, or gold, threadless body piercing jewellery prioritises both comfort and safety. The absence of threads eliminates the risk of irritation or damage to the piercing site, providing a smooth and seamless experience for the wearer. Additionally, the biocompatibility of these materials reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions, making threadless jewellery suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

How does it work?

Your threadless piece of jewellery will come in two or three parts; on nipple and bridge piercings there will be an attachment for each end of the barbell. For piercings with labret fixtures, the front attachment which will be the part you chose i.e the purple trinity in the below diagram and the labret/post. 

The threadless attachment will have a small pin on it, this pin will be ever so slightly bent before inserting it into the labret or barbell. This bend is what helps the attachment stay in place with tension. The pin can be bent more or less depending on how secure you want your jewellery to be. For fresh piercings we will always make them very secure so you don’t lose your attachment during the healing process. Once your piercing is healed the pin can be unbent slightly making it easier for you to take it in and out as needed. 

Installing Your Threadless Body Jewellery

The labret post will need to be inserted into the back or side of your piercing e.g. the back of your lobe/helix/whichever piercing you're fitting your jewellery into. Once you can see the post from the front of your piercing you can then slide the pin on the front attachment into the post. Then using your thumb on the flat back of the labret and your index finger on the front attachment gently push them together until you hear them click. You can then check if there is any of the attachment pin still sticking out of the labret/barbell. If so, gently push them together again until the pin is completely inside the labret/barbell and not visible. 

Removing Your Threadless Body Jewellery

To remove your threadless jewellery you will need to hold the circle at the back (the flat back) or side firmly and then twist and pull the front attachment away from the post. If you just want to change the attachment on the front then you can leave the post in your piercing and click the new attachment into the front/side. If you are taking your jewellery out completely then you can take the post out of the back/side of your piercing and then click the threadless attachment back into the post for safekeeping. 

Embracing Innovation in Body Piercing

As the popularity of threadless body piercing jewellery continues to soar, it's clear that this innovative design has revolutionised the world of body piercing. With its ease of use, versatility, and commitment to comfort and safety, threadless jewellery offers a modern solution for those seeking both style and practicality in their piercing experience.

Whether you're a seasoned piercing enthusiast or someone exploring the world of body modification for the first time, threadless body piercing jewellery invites you to embrace innovation and express your individuality with confidence and ease. So why not join the revolution and elevate your piercing game with the beauty and practicality of threadless jewellery?