Ear Piercing Service | No Appointment Necessary

Perhaps, as an adult, you’ve woken up with the urge to get a new ear piercing. Or it may be that you’re a parent planning your child’s big day and they’ve been begging for an ear piercing but you haven’t quite had the time to sort out the details to make that plan come to fruition. Undeniably, there are many businesses and locations open for quick walk-in appointments to facilitate getting your ear piercing with little to no notice - but are they safe? Many businesses that offer no appointment opportunities utilise piercing guns. Metal Morphosis is proud to say we offer ear piercing services with no appointment necessary while utilising sterile, one-use hollow needle piercing techniques and comprehensive aftercare and management instruction.

Piercing Studio vs. Accessory Shops 

Let’s be honest. The convenience of heading to the mall, picking out cute accessories, and being in and out of the store in record time has some appeal. We want to encourage those looking to get ear piercings in this fashion in a few ways. Fast, no-appointment necessary shops that allow you to walk in, purchase your jewellery, sit down in a chair, and use apiercing gun without consultation or conversation about healing and expectations. These piercing locations are often less expensive and seem like a convenient option. We can understand the need for convenience! Unfortunately, this type of convenience can come at a price.Piercing guns cause unnecessary trauma to soft tissue and cartilage, which not only delays speedy healing, but can invite infection. When you’re getting a new piercing, we want the best, successful healing time available! That’s what we’re here to help facilitate. 

At Metal Morphosis, no-appointment ear piercing services are equally available as those advertised by businesses offering piercing gun services. All walk-in ear piercing appointments are welcome. With just a few extra minutes of your time, our experienced piercers will not only listen to you as our client and your expectations, but they’ll help keep you informed, and make, safe, well-informed recommendations based on management and safety procedures to ensurethe piercing is well-managed and cared for.

Does Metal Morphosis Really Accept Walk-Ins?

Absolutely. Ensuring we have a fully dedicated staff of qualified and experienced piercing professionals on site to make sure our clients have the very best piercing experience possible is something all piercing businesses pride themselves on. Utilising the safe and sterile environment that a piercing studio provides ensures a level of professionalism and care our clients can feel good about. Getting your ears pierced without an appointment, while maintaining safety and healing standards, should be a top priority for any business willing to accept you as a client.

If you’re planning in advance, please don’t hesitate tocontact us for a consultation. But don’t be deterred, if you’re just now finding us because you’re looking to get an ear piercing without an appointment, we’re here for you!