Kenya Grace | Top Jewellery Picks

We’re sure you’ve heard her music; Kenya is making artistic waves. Her chart topping single Strangers has not only taken over the UK charts, but it’s reached international fame. This vibrant, rising young star has us bursting at the seams with pride. Kenya worked with us at Metal Morphosis for almost two years. Her journey as a junior piercer at our Carnaby branch who specialised in lobe’s and helix’s morphed into a role that helped cultivate asocial media presence on TikTok.

Kenya at Metal Morphosis

Kenya worked with the Metal Morphosis team for almost two years, and in that time she focused her skills onlobe andhelix piercings. Meanwhile, Kenya was fully immersed in her musical journey, cultivating her love for music and her enthusiasm for expression through body art. While we had the absolute honour of working side by side with Kenya during her piercing journey, we got the inside scoop on her top piercing picks!

 Metal Morphosis Kenya Collage

Kenya’s Top Jewellery Picks

So what areKenya’s top jewellery picks as a Metal Morphosis piercer? Strap in, she’s given us the inside scoop on her personal favourites. 

Kenya Grace Favourite Metal Morphosis Piercings

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We’re so proud to have had Kenya here in the Metal Morphosis studio as a piercer, but we’re even more excited to watch her grow as an artist. We fell in love with her at our studios as a piercer, but While we’re so in awe as we watch her grow as a musician.Follow Kenya onInstagram andTiktok.


Getting one of Kenya’s Favorite Piercings

While Kenya is currently breaking glass ceilings in the music industry, we won’t ever forget her impact here at Metal Morphosis. If you’re interested in stopping by to get a piercing with us,head to our contact page to book a free consultation. We can’t wait to see you!