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Westminster's Original Ear and Body Piercing Studio, established in 1991, is looking for the views and opinions of their customers to help shape Metal Morphosis' piercing brand strategy

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Professional Piercing Studios London - Body and Ear Jewellery

As the longest-standing piecing studio in London, we excel when it comes to ear and body piercing. It’s what we have done for 30 years, as the original rebels established in London since 1991. We maintain exceedingly high standards, from hiring the safest, fastest and most experienced piercers in our Carnaby and Hackney studios. 

Take a look at some of our press coverage in the likes of Glamour and Cosmopolitan.

You can buy earrings and body jewellery in both stores, or buy online with FREE UK delivery when you spend £70

Whether it’s for an excited junior rebelling for the very time, or for an ear stacking and curation fanatic adding the next creative twist to their ear lobe or cartilage, our piercers know exactly what they’re doing and always deliver, providing you with the piercings you’ve been dreaming of. Please do drop us a message and we’ll happily chat with you for inspiration.

Cartilage Piercing Soho and Hackney

Cartilage piercings are usually the next step to lobe piercings. They are super hot right now and it’s little wonder why. There are so many options when it comes to cartilage piercing, placement, stacking, linking, jewellery… so many choices, so many possibilities! 

Rook Piercing - Ear Cartilage Central London Studios

Cartilage piercing isn’t new, it’s been around for decades and has become one of the most popular types of piercing but in times gone by, we’ve seen many a helix leave us showing off some gorgeous new jewellery but what we’re seeing more of with modern rebels is the rook piercing. 

Rook piercings are nestled in the cartilage fold that’s located right beneath the rim, or helix, of the ear, this piercing is adorable alone or in a curated stack.

Since it’s located directly above the daith, it’s easy to get these two piercing styles mixed up. When getting this piercing, make 100% sure that you’re asking for the piercing that you want. It’s always a good idea to bring along pictures so that you and your piercer are on the same page.

Even though the rook is located in such a tight location, there’s a huge variety of rook piercing jewellery styles to choose from so that you can make this piercing your own. Remember - you’ll want to opt for a hoop in a smaller diameter for a more comfortable fit.

Curved barbells are incredibly popular in rook piercings and are great starter jewellery because they won’t tug on your piercing as much as a hoop might and you can get a barbell long enough to leave space for swelling. Once your rook has healed, you can get a smaller barbell so that the beads sit flush with your cartilage, or stick with the longer barbell so that the jewellery hangs in the centre of your ear. Spice it up with barbells that sport charms, opals, or other fun beads.

Seamless hoops, clickers, and captive bead rings are also popular styles in rook piercings. There’s screw on balls and different styles of seam rings in a variety of metals to suit all tastes. 

Professional Piercing Studios in London Soho Hackney original Ears pierced Body jewellery

Daith Piercing - Ear Cartilage

The daith is the innermost piece of cartilage in the ear, passing along the crux of the helix. The area of the cartilage is in a curved, slightly awkward to reach the spot just above the ear canal.

When it comes to daith jewellery, the options are endless, however, typically people opt for ring-style jewellery like hoops, clickers and rings though small bells also look awesome in a daith piercing. 

Conch Piercing Studios and Jewellery 

The conch piercing takes place in the middle portion of your ear cartilage, making it one of the most customisable body piercing. It’s so-called because that area of the cartilage resembles a conch shell.

If you choose to get a conch piercing, you can either go for the inner conch piercing or the outer conch piercing. The inner conch is located in the lower cartilage and is usually decorated with a cartilage stud. The outer conch sits in the (you guessed it) upper cartilage and often sports a larger hoop around the edge of the ear.

Professional Piercing Studios London Soho Hackney daith rook conch earlobes

Tragus Earrings, Bars, Clicker Hoops, Seam Rings and Labrets

We feel that the tragus is a very popular area for piercing with our clients, the small piece of cartilage on the inner side of your ear. As this is close to your face, it can have a real impact on your overall look and, once healed, can be changed to suit.

We’re committed to only stocking the finest quality piercing jewellery with the highest grade metals. Our mechanisms and clickers are easy to use and made to last a life time, coupled with low to zero maintenance or upkeep is required but the occasional titanium and/or surgical stainless steel polishing is a personal choice.

Hypo allergenic - Made from 316L surgical stainless steel or titanium. The same metal used for surgical equipment, meaning no allergic reactions will ever take place with our jewellery. We also sell gold and .925 sterling silver earrings and body bars. Unlike commonly, purchased high street or costume jewellery, ours won’t ever rust, discolour or stain your skin.

Kids and Children's Ear Piercing London - Needles not guns

Available in both locations to book online for Hackney and Carnaby professional studios: Junior/Kids Ear Piercing for Children .You never forget your first piercing, but it should be a treasured memory and our speedy process ensures as little pain as possible will be experienced. Why? We only ever use needles to pierce ear lobes, no guns here. We believe that your piercing experience should be calm, safe and stress-free. 

We class junior rebels as 8-16 year olds and our friendly staff go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable from the moment you enter the studio with those little butterflies fluttering to when you walk out of the door with a beaming smile and swagger in your step. 

We totally get that your first piercing is a little daunting, no matter how old you are. Our lovely piercers will talk you through everything including placement, sterilisation and jewellery choice until you’re completely happy and ready to go ahead. We provide you with all the aftercare advice you’ll need to help your piercing heal properly and quickly. 

Metal Morphis London Piercing Loyalty Scheme

Addicted to piercings? Welcome to the club. Visit us once and we know you’re now our piercing bestie for life. That’s why we created our loyalty card. For rebels who just don’t quit. 

Spend 20 quid with us when you visit and we’ll give you a stamp. 6 stamps = freebie!! Who doesn’t love a freebie? It’s not just any old freebie either, we treat you well and give you a gift card for £30! I know, we’re too kind. 

Swing by any of our studios and grab a member's card when you pass, and if you happen to leave with a new piercing, we definitely won’t judge.

Metal Morphosis - Evolving over the years

As you’ve probably guessed by now, having ventured this far into our website, Metal Morphosis is no normal jewellery brand. We are not one of those pretty pink fluffy brands we're made of tougher stuff than that. Keep reading to find out how Metal Morphosis came to be!


In 1988, founder, Matthew Harris, was selling high-end wigs and body jewellery across London markets. Matt noticed that he was getting a lot of his customers asking him where they could go to get body piercings; being the savvy, rugged entrepreneur that he is, he decided on a plan. He went to his dad, Ivan, who worked in pharmaceuticals, and pitched his idea - but it was cooler than that - we are Metal Morphosis after all! Ivan equipped Matt with the knowledge he needed to start piercing his customers – and Metal Morphosis was born! 

After this, things quickly gained momentum and we opened the first Metal Morphosis studio in Soho. 


It’s time for a history lesson, rebels. Back in the 80s, there was no form of education for piercers. Matt went on to open the first piercing school in London in 1992, where piercers could learn the art of professional piercing using the proper protocol. 


The studio in Soho and the piercing school were a huge success, so Matt decided to go where no pro piercer had gone before – festivals. Talk about a captive market, right? Matt took the MM van on the road to the UK’s most famous festivals, from Glastonbury to Reading, V Fest and T in the park!


MM did not earn its rebellious reputation by resting on its laurels - so in 1995, we then went on to open sites across Camden, and then Ireland. We were the first piercing store to break into Ireland. After this, Metal Morphosis began to be a recognised brand - synonymous with piercing. 


In the 90s, MM started gaining attention from some big players in the retail industry; not to brag, but do the names Topshop and Selfridges mean anything to you? Sorry about that - we had to throw it in! We went on to launch the world’s first piercing concession in a department store. At this point, there was a shift in the piercing industry, this was when piercing went from being considered niche to more mainstream. 

From this point we started being offered more concession deals, and we opened concessions in London, Manchester, and Leeds, as well as Harvey Nichols. 


When Covid hit, we, along with the rest of the UK had to close the doors to our studios and concessions. This time it was Matt’s son Ben, that took control. Throughout lockdown, Ben worked tirelessly with suppliers to secure jewellery that was not only made from high-grade materials but epic designs as well. 

We wanted to marry our knowledge of metals and jewellery with some unique designs, which is what we have done. 

Metal Morphosis London Piercing Studios Ears Pierced Body Jewellery

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