The Navel Piercing is Back | Piercing Must-Haves

It seems as though the navel piercing hasn’t made much of a splash since the early 2000s, right? Great news though, for those out there interested in jumping back on the belly button piercing train - they’re back! The belly button ring and all of its variations and jewellery have been making a steady comeback for a few years now.They’ve made quite a mark on the fashion industry, making appearances on runaways worldwide. We’ve put together an easy go-to list of tips, navel piercing info, and ideas if this body piercing has been calling your name.

Are There Different Kinds of Belly Button Piercings?

Options are a bit limited when it comes to adorning your navel with hardware. The biggest factor at play is actually a person’s navel anatomy. Every single body is different, and to ensure a safe, clean, and successful piercing that heals and maintains well, our piercers offera personalised consultation before each and every appointment. We’ll help you decide what’s best for your one and only belly button. 

Navel Piercing Collage | Piercings by Metal Morphosis

There are a variety of navel jewellery pieces that can work with a person’s specific anatomy to ensure the very best results; from the common curved barbells with simple balls, toM&M disks that rest a bit more inside the belly button, to sparkly and dangly accessories. The options can be endless, but we want to make sure you’ve spoken to a piercer and know what the best avenue is for you. We recommend starting simple and waiting to upgrade until your piercing has had time to heal.

It’s important to use jewellery made of safe materials for your fresh piercing. We recommend titanium steel or sustainable steel, but we encourage you to research all available options out there. 

What to Expect During Your Navel Piercing Appointment

As with all appointments, your piercer will recommend what type of piercing and belly button jewellery is best for your anatomy. Once you've ironed out all the details, it’s time to get your body pierced! You’ll be asked to lie back, relax, and the piercing itself takes just a few seconds. While every person experiences discomfort differently, a belly button piercing is generally considered lower on the discomfort scale. Your piercer will insert your jewellery, and then it’s time to learn about care and healing time.

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Belly Button Piercing Care and Maintenance

Unlike many ear and facial piercings, our navels tend to stay covered for the majority of the day. This, combined with our anatomy, and the type of piercing it is means a more vigilant eye on maintenance and care. These body piercings can take anywhere from  9 months- months to over a year to heal completely. Navel piercings should stay as dry as possible, and it is recommended to avoid pressure, such as that from tighter waistbands for the first 6-8 weeks.

Our navels tend to house moisture, and ergo, bacteria, so a nice clean, dry navel is imperative to a speedy and successful healing time. Avoid swimming and sitting baths for at least 4 weeks, but when you need to take a dip, be sure to gently sterilise and dry your navel efficiently, afterward.

Clean your navel piercing regularly ! Check out our guide tokeeping your piercing clean on our blog, here. Redness and tenderness in the first few weeks can be normal. 

Be sure to ask your piercer any questions you may have about the care and upkeep of your new trendy belly button piercing! We’re here to help you choose the perfect piercing.Reach out and we’ll walk you through the process of getting that new awesome belly button piercing appointment!