Titanium vs. Sustainable Steel Jewellery

Have you ever wondered about the difference between sustainable steel jewellery and titanium steel jewellery? They are both popular good quality metals which are popular in the jewellery industry, however, both steels have different qualities and one may be better for you personally than the other.  

It can be hard to tell them both apart visually as they both look pretty identical so here is our guide to Titanium V’s Sustainable Steel Jewellery to help you make an informed decision next time you go shopping!                                        

Titanium Steel Jewellery  - is it that strong? 

Titanium steel was discovered more recently than sustainable steel. This metal is made from a new titanium alloy, a titanium metal that has been a popular choice since founded in the 1990s, due to its top-quality alloys and low-budget production rate. The steel's tensile strength and resistance to corrosion make the metal extremely attractive to jewellers. In fact, not only it is popular within the jewellery industry but Titanium Steel is often used in production for the military and medical industries. In fact it it preferred by most industries as it’s strength and hypoallergenic qualities are favoured over other metals as long as other important factors:


  • Lightweight
  • Strong - in fact, stronger than gold and silver
  • More durable 
  • Easy to engrave 
  • Does not ‘turn your ear green’
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Highly resistant to 
  • Sustainable


  • More expensive than sustainable stainless steel 
  • Can be prone to hard scratches if made contact with rough surfaces 

Sustainable Steel Jewellery - Is it Hypoallergic?

Sustainable steel jewellery is also known as stainless steel, one of the most popular choices in the jewellery industry. Often people go-for sustainable or stainless steel as it is known for being a long-lasting cheaper choice when compared to gold and silver. Stainless steel is made up of two alloys chromium and alloy, however, they are also comprised of nickel, manganese, silicon, carbon and nitrogen. This combination makes sustainable steel a prevalent metal in many industries from the jewellery industry to household options. However these alloys are what people tend to be allergic to, and many people ask for nickel-free metals. In this case, stainless steel is not for you and titanium may be your favourite choice. There are still many pros of Stainless Steel though: 


  • High malleability (highly solderable so easy to form) so a preferred choice for jewellers
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and depreciation 
  • Most preferred in medical and orthodontic tools as they are very hygienic and sterilise 
  • Resistant to rusting and scratches - excellent for outdoor activities 
  • Made up of a chromium layer that has the ability to evade oxidation and prevent physical degradation of the jewellery. 


  • Not resistant to dents 
  • Not hypoallergic so may trigger allergies
  • If you are allergic to nickel then you can’t wear your jewellery for long periods of time, if at all. 

Titanium V’s Sustainable Steel - so which one should I buy?

They are both great materials, both metals are strong, and durable which will make sure your earrings last long and definitely won’t turn your skin green! At Metal Morphosis, however, we favour factors such as hypoallergenic and sustainable so therefore titanium wins our vote slightly! We want to make sure our jewellery is safe for all to wear while not damaging the environment. Every effort helps!

You can shop our titanium range online and in our Carnaby store for guaranteed safe jewellery which won’t irritate your skin!

You can also be pierced in our titanium range! Book your next appointment via our website, we also allow walk-ins. This goes for both our Carnaby and Hackney studios, although our Carnaby store does have more jewellery options so we do advise you to head to Soho! We look forward to seeing you and helping you create your new MM stack! 

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