Jewellery Care Tips

Metal Morphosis jewellery is designed to last a lifetime. We make sure all our materials are made to last, no sweat, showering or everyday use will make your jewellery discolour or wear. However, even the finest of metals or jewels needs caring and cleaning. So, we made a ‘jewellery care tips’ guide so you can clean your earrings properly and keep them in the best condition possible. 

Should I be Cleaning my Jewellery?

Yes! No matter your jewellery whether earrings or rings you should be caring for your jewellery.  Most jewellery types can be cleaned with warm water, you can also use soap, but purchase soap without perfumes for sensitive skin. This is so you know that no chemicals in your soap will harm your jewellery. To be even safer, we recommend buying acleaning product designed for jewellery. This way, you are 100% certain your soap will not have any harsh chemicals which can damage or tarnish your new earrings.

Don’t clean your jewellery with a hard brush, if you have any gems or delicate pearls or stones you could knock your jewellery out by brushing or cleaning too rough! We don’t want this.

Quick MM tip - when you are rinsing your jewellery, DON’T drain the water and your earrings over the sink -  it is so easy to lose your new studs this way!

Should I be Spraying my Perfume on my Jewellery?

No! Of course, you can wear your MM jewellery and your perfume at the same time, however, be careful not to spray your perfume directly on your new earrings over time. 

Most of our MM jewellery is made from titanium which can withstand a lot of abrasion without showing wear and tear, but if you have any jewellery with pearls, precious metals or porous gems you need to take extra care. 

Should I take my Jewellery off to Sleep?

This is totally up to you! It can be hard to sleep in chunkyearrings sometimes, they also might get lost or damaged while you toss and turn. To add a little extra care, we do recommend you store your new MM jewellery in a cloth bag, boxes or even your original Metal Morphosis packaging to make sure they are extra safe!

Why Should I Care for my Jewellery?

It’s simple, if you care for your jewellery it will last longer!

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