Ear Curation and Stacking with Metal Morphosis London

London Piercing - Ear Stacking and Curation

Established in 1991in Carnaby and Hackney, Metal Morphosis is celebrating 30 years being the longest running ear and body piercing brand in London. We are the original rebels and celebrate individuality and encourage everyone to feel confident in their own unique way.
Ear Piercing and Curation Stacking with Metal Morphosis London

With two professional ear piercing studios in Hackney or Carnaby why not swing by to chat with our experienced piercers about ear curation and stacking ideas, our jewellery displays in both stores will provide a comprehensive selection of styles, sizes and colours, from gold plating to a polished silver surface, to colourful gems and sparkly cubic zirconia creations.

Ear Stacking and Curation in 6 Easy Steps

Woah, wait, what? Why aren’t your already curating your ear? Of course we may be just kidding around here, but as all social media users, you’re well aware that influencers online use ear piercings at the forefont as a focus to their video shorts and photo shoots in luxurious destination settings. We dumped the ear pericing guns way before the pandemic, which meant that when lockdowns were listed, the needle methos we use is extemely easy to disinfect and avoid cross contamination. 
Ear Lobe Cuff- One of the first steps to ear stacking when you're you are taking your commitment in steps, if you have a low lobe and a high cartilage piercing, by using the handcuff ear jewellery you can link them together in a cute, free swinging way. Simply clip one cuff to the upper and lower piercings and allow to dangle freely, choose from gold handcuffs with 24K PVD Gold on surgical steel, a metal finish that's the result of a process named Physical Vapour Deposition, or PVD  for short, on our MM premium 316L Surgical Steel, you can also buy silver cuffs. You will see both include tiny gems embedded in the design and are perfect for catching the sunlight to add sparkle to your day.
Ear Lobe Cluster - Several hoops alligned together in your natural earlobe, as each lobe is unique, you can stay one-of-a-kind with charmed and clustered hoops.
Charming Gems - For ears with just a few piercings, deceive the eye in a beguiling method by using larger earrings to cover more skin and ear area. The Metal Morphosis branding bolt is a tiny lightening atop a stud, so my using earrings with multiple gems in the setting will give you the look of having multiple piercings but with a scattering of piercings.
Buy in-store or online: Gemmed lightning bolt in gold and silver, both are hypo allergenic and present a punky look with implant-grade titanium.
Simplistic and Stunning - If you are moving on to your next steps of earring stacking, the simple and understated way is to use studs, from the lobe at the bottom, up the side of ear in an arch swoop. Although some people switch plain studs with gem studs, be consistent in your colour scheme, for example: silver with silver tone, and gold paired with gold.
Hooping Statement - If you're looking for a minimalistic and holistic approach to earring stacks, hoops have been the fashion stalwart for hundreds of years all around the world. Hoops will always remain on trend no matter which country you are in! Shop hoops clickers and rings online, in every size for every statement. Hoops pair great when you are dressed from docs to dresses, mohawk to beehive, strut the streets with gradients large to small hoops, or dress each ear differently, different size grouping in each.  
Evenly Does It - Show your stylish side around the edge of your ear cartilage with an accurate needle piercing technique, using targeted and even locations for each stud or hoop. This is really effective when you pierce around the entire ear, in the the lobe, tragus, conch, helix daith and rook areas. Mix studs and hoops in any way you prefer.

Septum, Nose and Belly Button Piercing with Needles

Every one of our body jewellery pieces are specifically designed with anti fade/tarnish properties, with metals such as titanium and the highest grade surgical steel, there is a less chance of allergic reactions due to the Metal Morphosis manufacturing processes. Reflect the inner you with your outer body piercings and choice of earrings and jewellery..

Children's Ear Piercing for 8 to 16 years

Choose from either of our Central London studios for Junior/Kids Ear Piercing for Children - Mini rebels choosing their first ear percing are always welcome, you can pre-book online for either of our locations in Hackney E2 9EQ andNewburgh StreetW1F 7RW. By providing a comfortable, calming environment that's stress-free, our needle piercings take less than half a second. 

If you'd like to specify at the time of booking for a female or male piercer, do check in advance by calling Carnaby on 02033 706196 or Hackney on 0207 729 9202 and we will always aim for a fun and memorable experience for both you and your child.

All of our professional and highly experienced piercers take time to chat and discuss the best placement areas and sterilisation techniques, do take time to browse our ear studs collection online. We’ve completed tens of thousands of first piercings and we know how to look after our customers.

Ear Curations and Earring Stacking in Style in London

The MM attitude is all about your personal take on curation  - ear piercings to cater for your individual dress code to your ear shape and contour. It doesn't matter whether you’re into multiple layered earlobe piercings, perfectly aligned stacked hoops, or edgy orbitals and hoops, you can always rely on the same basic themes when designing your ear curation from the start, or to evolve as you yourself will always do.