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London Ear Piercing - Earlobe, Cartilage and Helix Earrings

Ear cartilage piercing is so hot right now, especially with all the stacking and curation opinions available, but where do you start? After ear lobes, the first place to begin with cartilage piercing could be the Helix. It’s probably the most popular cartilage piercing and for good reason, the earrings are a statement in a location that's a little unusual

Helix Piercing - Where is it located on the ear?

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A Helix piercing is located on the upper, outer rim of the ear. The piercing can be styled withhoops orstuds, your piercer will be able to advise you on which jewellery will look great, suit your lifestyle and fit with any other piercings you already have or plan to get sometime soon.

London Cartilage Piercing - Hackney, Carnaby, Soho, West London and Central Studios

We’re the longest-running piercing studio in London and our reputation speaks for itself. Whether you are a junior (ages 8 to 16) looking for a child's first ear piercing, to a microdermal or professional body piercing, we offer practical, free advice on 0207 729 9202and in both of our stores in Carnaby (near Soho) and Hackney.Did you know that our Soho studio is one of only three licensed intimate piercing studios in London? It’s true.

Forward Helix - Where on the ear is the piercing?

The forward helix is the small outer rim of cartilage at the top front of your ear. It's directly across the ear from the normal helix.  Forward helix piercings have been increasing in popularity – it’s an up to date, edgy look and works for a multitude ofjewellery.

Choose a London Piercing Studio With Reviews

You'll want to make sure you choose a piercer who makes you feel comfortable. This includes someone who is willing to discuss the inspiration behind your piercing, whether it be through photos or the type of jewellery you are looking for, as well as a piercer who can deliver (and heal) your vision. We employ both male and female piercers, check out the Metal Morphosis London Piercing reviews on Google for our Carnaby Street and Hackney Piercing studios!

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Don’t be afraid to ask to see the room in which you will be pierced and how the process is done. That should include single-use disposable needles and an autoclave to sterilise jewellery and all the tools used during the piercing process.

Our teams in Hackney andCarnaby studios encourage questions, we know it can be daunting to get any piercing, and that’s why our piercers take the time to talk you through placement, sterilisation techniques, jewellery and aftercare with you.

Helix Earrings - Buy in our Hackney and Carnaby studios or online with free UK delivery

While you may be more focused on the styling of your new piercing, choosing the rightjewellery is important for preventing infection and discomfort. That said, once your piercing is fully healed, the only real limit for helix earrings is your imagination but we know our rebels, and imagination is not something they’re lacking! We offer FREE UK delivery with a £70 spend online, or visit either of our studios to buy in-store and benefit from our Loyalty Scheme.

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Ear studs,hoops, clickers, labrets we could go on for days. Your piercing jewellery is the perfect way to show off your personality and creativity. Whether you’re simply styling one piercing or curating an entire ear stack, our teams are always ready to (metaphorically and literally) hold your hand and guide you. Shop forhelix piercing jewellery online or visit one of our stores.