As a safe space in the heart of Soho cultivating mavericks, rebels, queers and anyone who simply dares to be different, we of course celebrated pride last month.

We would have been crazy not too!

With it being the 50th anniversary for London Pride, this year was extra special. It was amazing to be able to celebrate with out staff, friends and customers in our first year back in the heart of London’s thriving gay area, Soho. Soho is special to us for many reasons, not only because it is a safe space for all, a place where you can walk the streets and feel safe being unauthentically yourself, but where we first opened our doors over 30 years ago. The LGBTQ community and the beautifully different have always walked through our doors and we can’t thank our amazing customers enough for it.

Our Pierce with Pride event wasn’t just your average piercings and Prosecco party. We had some amazing sponsors who helped us put our event together. It wouldn’t be an MM event without our crazy pierced nipple doughnuts by Planet Doughnut - they really are iconic. It of course wouldn’t be a party without drinks, a massive thank you to Dash Drinks for keeping people partly sober, White Claw for getting people unapologetically drunk and Dima’s Vodka for getting a select few apologetically drunk on Dima’s smooth subtle Vodka shots. It is pride after all and Danny was in charge of DJ with some iconic music - it really was a Carnaby street party.

We also had some amazing goodies. Thank you to Kollo for keeping us all young with our extra collagen boost (if your over 25 you will be thanking us).Thank you to It’s in your dreams for adding a sparkle to our night and Body modifications by Jen for adding Tooth Gems on all our team.

In addition to our Pierce with Pride event we have also released our very own pride collection. This collection is exclusive to our Carnaby store. You can read all about the individual pieces on our Instagram. Have a scroll and look through our Pierce with pride fun.