To celebrate St Patricks Day, we wanted to share an interview with our very own Irish native, Saoirse. If you've had a piercing with us, there's a good chance it could have been with Saoirse! Check out the interview below!


MM: Hey Saoirse! When did you join Metal Morphosis and why did you decide to get into the wonderful world of piercing?
Saoirse: I joined in 2005 working between our Soho and Selfridges stores. I decided at 17 that being a piercer was waaaay cooler than staying in college so I finished class and walked into a piercing studio and asked if they were taking on apprentices and the rest is history. (since then I have qualified with a first at uni-stay in school kids!)

 MM: How many people do you think you’ve pierced in your lifetime at MM?
Saoirse: I couldn’t tell you, tens of thousands and thousands. Metal Morphosis is one of the busiest, if not the busiest studio in London. It’s one of the strengths of the business, being in the heart of London is such an amazing place to be with a hugely diverse mix of people. I love how many incredible people I’ve met working here. 
He noticed that he was getting more and more customers coming to him and purchasing body jewellery. Eventually, this led to people coming to him and asking if he knew where they could get body piercings. Matthew sensed an opportunity, as at the time, there was nowhere credible in London people could go to get pierced. 

MM: What is the funniest piercing moment you’ve encountered?
Saoirse: There’s been lots of funny moments! The silliest are people who try to keep piercings open with random things. Twigs in nostrils or helixes have happened more than few times.

 MM: What is the craziest piercing you have ever been asked for?
Saoirse: Ohhh now, some very silly places indeed. But keeping it PG I’d say eyelid piercing. I mean really?? Just because you can poke a needle through something doesn’t mean you should.

MM: What is your favourite body piercing and why?

Saoirse: I love Tragus piercings. It was the first proper piercing I ever got and I love performing them. They can beautifully and understatedly complement so many other ear piercings. 

MM: What does Metal Morphosis mean to you?
Saoirse: Working at Metal Morphosis has been one of the places that has shaped who I am as a person. I mentioned how amazing and diverse our clients are, and it’s reflected in our wonderful staff also. The company has always strived to create a safe and inclusive space where people can be themselves and thrive- clients and staff alike. For me, Metal Morphosis means embracing yourself and celebrating it through piercing.

MM: What do you think will be the next big piercing craze?
Saoirse: The great thing about piercing is it’s fun. You can transform your entire look by simply switching out your jewellery. The selection of jewellery available has grown so much since I started piercing, and I see the next trend being an increase in people going for higher quality titanium jewellery. Clients are becoming much better informed about what jewellery materials they buy, and moving away from low quality silver and plated jewellery. Investing in good quality titanium means they avoid tarnishing and allergic reactions.