It's our second article in our Meet the Piercer series, so next up we have MEGHAN.... Enjoy!


MM: Tell us about your introduction to Metal Morphosis.
Meghan: I had just moved to London from Ireland, and I was working in a shop around the corner from our Carnaby branch. I had only been in London about two months and decided to get a piercing on my lunch break with a friend. I have always wanted to work as a piercer so I chanced my arm and asked how I could become one. Two weeks later I was working with Metal Morphosis!

MM: Tell us a bit about yourself

Meghan: Being from the West of Ireland is a big part of my identity. I love living in London even though it’s a big change from living in the countryside and being raised on a farm, but I’ll always carry that with me as it played a big part in who I am today. When I’m not at work I really live up to the stereotype and love having a pint and playing cards with friends. I’m really proud to be a piercer and I’m so excited to keep learning and growing within the industry. 

MM: What do you love about piercing?

Meghan: I love learning every single day. There are always new techniques that I can learn from everyone I work with or different ways of doing something that I hadn’t thought about. Piercing so many different people is fun because I can learn so much from having just a five-minute chat with someone and seeing how excited people get about a new piercing or even a new piece of jewellery is contagious.

MM: What are your favourite pieces to pierce with?

Meghan: For myself I love a simple silver colour titanium piece- as plain as it comes. The sparkles aren’t for me. But for other people I love our sparkly pieces like the ‘Katya fan’ which looks fabulous in a conch and the ‘Glas Marquise’ because my favourite colour is green (of course). 

MM: What is your favourite piercing and why? 

Meghan: This is something that changes a lot but right now I love doing navel piercings which is great because everyone wants one at the moment for Summer. I think they’re a fun piercing and there’s so many jewellery options to suit everyone’s anatomy and personal style. They can also be a great piercing in helping people reconnect with their bodies especially when it comes to any insecurities

MM: What are some trends you’re seeing at the moment? 

Meghan: As I said above, navel piercings are very popular right now for the summer, but I’ve also noticed a lot of people wanting stacked lobes which are super cute and a simple way to complement existing ear piercings. 

MM: What is your favourite piercing experience?

Meghan: Being part of a customer’s very first piercing whether they’re twelve or thirty or any age is always fun and rewarding. Helping to ease the fear around getting a piercing and seeing them so happy at the end is special.

MM: What does Metal Morphosis mean to you?

Meghan: Being part of MM has changed my life. I’ve always thought about being in this industry and never thought it was something that could actually happen. Working at MM means I can be true to myself and help others do the same while making sure I provide a safe space where people feel comfortable and where everyone can have a good experience. Working with MM also means working with amazing and fun people that I get excited to see every day.