Loaded ear stacks are now a big trend, especially at MM. We have always loved a ‘loaded ear’ and you might be wondering what piercing should be your next. The tragus piercing is always a good one to go for! It’s not as popular as a lobe or cartilage piercing so is great if you want to add a unique spin to your stack. 

So, what do you need to know before getting a Tragus piercing?

What exactly is a tragus piercing?

Essentially, the tragus piercing is the part of the ear that attaches to the side of your head and covers the ear canal. This is what makes it a nice area to get a piercing, it is a small noticeable area with a flat surface. Great to add a stud or a hoop. 

Will my tragus piercing hurt?

Your piercing may hurt, however, this is completely dependent on your pain tolerance. Some people are better than others when it comes to piercings, tattoos or needles for example. Piercings only last a minute so it really doesn’t last long at all and it is definitely worth it! Just think of how great your stack will look after!

Will I be pierced with a gun or needle?

A tragus piercing is a form of cartilage piercing, as your skin is tougher here you will be pierced with a needle. Your piercer at Metal Morphosis will only use the safest methods. All our piercers are well experienced and will talk you through the process. 

How will I look after my Tragus Piercing?

At Metal Morphosis we will provide you with our very own aftercare. Created to make sure your piercing heals in the safest way possible. We have a saline solution spray and anti-bacterial spray available. Our piercers will explain how to use them and how often. But essentially, you must make sure your piercing is cleaned daily and try not to touch it too much! Our hands carry bacteria off surfaces! 

What will happen if my tragus piercing gets infected?

Don’t panic, our piercers are always around to give advice via Instagram, phone calls or pop into the store. Your piercing may not be infected, those ‘lumps’ people get with a piercing are very popular and will usually go with some tea tree oil, spray or heal in time. Our bodies all heal in different ways! An extreme ear infection is rare with a piercing however if you do feel you have an infection and you are worried you must see your local doctor for advice. 

When will I be able to change my tragus piercing jewellery?

This really depends on how long your tragus piercing takes to heal and this can be dependent on the person. The minimum time period is about 2 months however it is very common for it to take longer. If you change your jewellery too soon it can slow down your healing process and cause more damage so don’t rush this! Just make sure you choose a nice ring you won’t get sick of easily when initially getting pierced! You can find all our piercing jewellery here so you can choose before. 


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