Well, I think you'll agree with us when we say it's been quite a year and a half! I mean, we've gone from lockdown to lockdown, we've cancelled and rebooked more holidays in the last year than ever before. We've had to wrap our heads around how to work remotely. Only, if your bread and butter is piercing and tattoos, how can you work remotely? This is where Metal Morphosis' comeback story starts. Continue reading to see how the brand effectively adapted in an incredibly challenging and hostile market. 

If you’re familiar with Metal Morphosis as a brand, you'll know that they had a successful concession in Topshop's flagship store on Oxford Circus, where piercers were seeing as many as 60 customers wanting piercings, a day (The Telegraph). In addition to this, the founder of Metal Morphosis, Matthew Harris, would travel across the UK and Europe in a fully sterilised, air-conditioned van, offering festival-goers piercings and tattoos. Talk about catering to demand right?

Then came lockdown

You're probably thinking: "Grief, covid must have hit them hard". And you'd be right. Like many businesses, Metal Morphosis did take a hit during the pandemic. At that time, their two main revenue streams came to a crashing halt - along with many beauty and service-based businesses. However, this is where the brand's unique brand persona comes into play. Metal Morphosis are not a run-of-the-mill girly jewellery brand. We are made of tougher stuff than that - and so is our jewellery. Instead of wallowing and feeling down on our luck, our owner, Ben Harris, got busy creating a new strategy and business plan, that would take our company in a different direction and on to a different platform. 

From backstreet to high street to

Much like his dad, Matthew Harris, the founder of Metal Morphosis, who identified a gap in the market for a professional and safe piercing studio in London back in the 80s; Ben, identified a new gap. This time in the jewellery e-commerce market. Jewellery, specifically, earrings and body jewellery, that's made from high-grade materials, that don’t fade, tarnish and are made to last. Sounds like a pretty good proposition, right? Right. All our pieces are made from surgical stainless steel, titanium, and pure gold. This means that all our jewellery is made from materials professional piercers pierce with. All our jewellery is hypoallergenic, meaning people won't have a reaction to our jewellery. 

In addition to this, our customers don't have to worry about their jewellery tarnishing. Our customers can wear Metal Morphosis jewellery while they shower, swim, or party – whatever their lifestyle, our jewellery is designed to help them live their best lives and be pretty damn cool while they do! 

All of our jewellery is now sold online, hit the link below the tagline to take a closer look at some of our pieces. As part of our diversification process, we have also channelled more time and resources into digital marketing, to make sure we meet our customers at the touchpoints they are most active on. 

And guys, this is only the beginning! We know the fashion jewellery industry is not the easiest market to penetrate. But we’ve got a brand with an incredible heritage and history. We’ve got awesome, kick-ass products – and perhaps, most importantly, we’ve got passion. So, we’d strongly suggest you watch this space.