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The Evolution of MM


Where to begin. We have been into piercing and jewellery long before stacking became a thing. You could say that piercing runs in our blood – I mean we are a family business, of 3 generations and counting.

Running with our rebellious nature, we’ve been blazing the piercing trail for quite some time now – read on to see how Metal Morphosis came to be.

How it started

Back in 1988, Matthew Harris (Metal Morphosis’ founder), was in the wig trade, selling sunglasses, high-end wigs, and body jewellery across London’s East End. Matthew was working 6-day weeks, at some of London’s coolest, most quirky markets, including Spitalfields market, Petticoat Lane market and Roman Road market. Markets that to this day, celebrate diversity and self-expression.

He noticed that he was getting more and more customers coming to him and purchasing body jewellery. Eventually, this led to people coming to him and asking if he knew where they could get body piercings. Matthew sensed an opportunity, as at the time, there was nowhere credible in London people could go to get pierced.

London’s body piercing market started with Metal Morphosis

Aware of this potentially lucrative gap in the market, Matthew went to his dad, Ivan Harris, who worked in the pharmaceutical business and asked for guidance on how he could safely pierce his customers.

Matt then took his new piercing skills back to the market and began piercing his customers. Matt and Ivan found there was such a demand that they opened a shop in Soho, and Metal Morphosis was born! Pretty cool stuff right? You see, Metal Morphosis is not like its competitors. We start trends, we don’t follow them.

School is in session

Not content leaving it there, in 1992 Matt then went on to open London’s first piercing school, teaching people how to pierce professionally, using the right tools and procedures. At the time in London, there was no such place where people could learn these skills, Metal Morphosis blazed the trail for the piercing and tattoo industry.

Metal Morphosis takes piercing on the road

Following the success of the Soho site and piercing school, the Metal Morphosis squad decided to become the first studio to take piercing directly to the people who wanted it – festivalgoers. They launched a piercing trailer, fully airconditioned – (probably a welcome relief from the summer heat and mush pits!) – and sanitised; and travelled around the country going to all the major festivals, from Glastonbury to Leeds and Reading, V Fest and T in The Park – to name but a few!

Metal Morphosis conquers the concession world

In 1995 Metal Morphosis then went on to launch a second site in Camden, and a few years later, was the first piercing store to break into Ireland. At this stage, Metal Morphosis, with its rebellious reputation and ethos of self-expression, quickly started to become a household name.

In the early 2000s, Selfridges approached our brand to launch the world’s first piercing concession in a department store. I mean, how could we resist an opportunity like that?! You could say that this was a turning point for the piercing industry, as this is when it became considered more mainstream, and Metal Morphosis was a part of this transition, from taking piercing from backstreet to high-street. Yes, that’s right. We made piercing what it is today – you’re welcome. As you can probably tell, modesty is one of the core pillars of our branding!

From this point, we were offered more concession deals, and through these partnerships, with Topshop in London, Manchester and Leeds, and Harvey Nichols, we were able to pierce at shopping centres across the whole of the UK.

“Thinking back 32 years, I never once thought that the piercing world would become so mainstream and commercial. It’s certainly not been an easy ride – and we’re in a totally different world now to when my dad and I first started, but it makes me so proud to reflect back on our ride: from backstreet, to high-street, to concessions, to now moving into the online world.” – Matthew Harris Founder

From backstreet to high-street to online

You may be thinking, that’s all good, but with the demise of Topshop, what does this mean for Metal Morphosis? Well, as you have seen, our brand has a history of innovating. We have taken the 30 years of knowledge we have gained from the piercing industry and channelled that into jewellery design. Our SS21 collection is a compilation of fashion jewellery, designed specifically with our target customer in mind. We have taken key pain points, such as jewellery that quickly fades and tarnishes, and created a range that is hypoallergenic, and kind to your skin.

The key factor that distinguishes our jewellery from competitors is the materials we use. All our jewellery is made from precious metals, meaning our jewellery lasts. It can be worn whilst exercising, swimming, and it will not fade or tarnish. It’s designed to last a lifetime, and help you be unadulteratedly YOU.

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